2008 VS 2020 Crisis: How We Turn It Into An Opportunity

In a mountain of leaves the hopeful will look for a diamond, while the hopeless wither with them.


If you were born before the 90s and lived in the US back in 2008, you experienced America’s greatest recession. This happened due to challenges in our financial system which adversely affected our economy. It caused millions of job losses which affected millions of citizens. Families struggled to make ends meet and in short, it was really a difficult time, thus, naming it The Great Recession. 


How did we recover from this? We experienced enhanced monetary policies governed by the Federal Reserve and other central banks to prevent greater risk in our economy. 


Fast forward to 2020 and it seems like this situation is about to repeat itself and the cause is the Corona Virus crisis. Real estate had slowed down and it looked like the bull run was over and THEN the coronavirus hit and accelerated the downturn. Many buyers have stopped  buying (many lenders stopped lending last week) and that will cause property prices to drop.


Ask any financial or economic advisor and they will tell you that the best way to get through any recession is to have cash on hand. Do you have lots of cash?


Do you own real estate? Maybe just one house…maybe a few? Before it is too late, you can still sell your property at the top of the market if you act fast. Think about the cash you will get and/or the loan payment you can avoid! Be prepared for adversity by having liquidity.


Now’s the best time to take action…before the crisis caused by the pandemic starts causing panic in real estate and drops in home values. Sell while the market is still high and have cash to get through the recession.


Find the diamonds amidst the crisis in the form of selling your property while prices are still high. Don’t wait before it’s too late. Talk to us. Inquire from us. Send us a direct message. US Home Vault Buys Houses will help every property owner as much as we can: NO MATTER THE SITUATION. 

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